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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Two States Part - 34

"Good News!", she was amazed to hear these words.
"What is it. Tell me, tell me. Now !", she seemed to be really excited to know the good thing, after such a long murky conversation.

"I got the job !",he replied.

"Really ! Wow, that's wonderful, you made my day baby. I love you so so much", she said, in a exhilarating voice.

"I know, I love you too sweet. And guess what, I may be posted in Delhi. I have given North India as my first choice. I want to be with you now. I want to understand your people and live a living like them. That's the only way I can figure out our marriage", he said in a confident and calm voice.

For the first time, Namita had seen him so possessive and confident about her and their future. She was happy but worried, at the same time. Will her parents agree to him? Will he be able to manage to get with the flow of life in Delhi? And what if Vipsa again tries some trick on him? She had numerous doubts in her mind but she remained calm, as for now, she was happy on getting things cleared up with him, he getting a job and also she had something to finish up, something unfinished was left at the bank.

"I am so happy. Finally I see my life taking the form, I always wanted to. Thanks for being my support Namita. God knows, What I would have done without you. I love you so much", Samarth said.

"I am always there for you sweetheart. You just have to call me with your heart and bound me with your love, as then you know, I am all yours.",she replied back.
"I am just waiting for your transfer to Delhi. Maybe then I can formally introduce to your family."

"Yeah, I too think that would be correct step."

"Hmm...Okay Samarth. I gotta go. I have my finals coming up. I got to study. And we are starting with maths of which I am scared the most, you know.", her voice seemed a bit dull.



"If you want, you can continue with your lessons from Rahul.", he didn't want to say this, but he had to, for the sake of his love's happiness.

"No...Samarth. I will be fine on my own I guess. I think it's better to avoid ambiguous things rather than just figuring them out. ", she seemed not to surrender.

"Okay, as you please.", this was exactly what he wanted. He didn't want her to be close to anybody but him.

"Okay then, bye take care. Talk to you tomorrow", and she turned towards Tiya, who had been listening to her talks for sometime now.

"SO....let me see the blushings..",and Tiya poked Namita.
"There. You look fab when you smile you know. So avoid crying, idiot.", Tiya said.
"I am so happy that all is settled now but I am curious to know how did it all start? I mean, how?."

"I know. I am sorry. I gave you much trouble today", Namtia said in a apologetic voice.
Then she went on to show her all the messages that Samarth had sent her which were actually planned by Vipsa.

Tiya knew that she had a big trouble today, when she saw Rahul calming Namita but the reunion of the couple did made her day too. Now Rahul was all left for her. She only had to figure out something to keep him away from Vipsa. And she knew she had got the correct things, happening in the correct place, to convince Rahul how good she is and how bad Vipsa was.

"Yeah, no problem for my heart Namita".
Namita thought she called her her heart but little did she knew that Tiya's heart was Rahul !

Another love story in Another Two States !

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