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Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Two States Part - 20

"Hi Namita".
Namita was stopped by this familiar deep voice.She turned just to recognize that it was Rahul's voice.

"Hey Rahul.How have you been.Good to see you."

"Yeah, same here.Good to see you too.So,you all settled.?"

 "Yeah,almost.Between, where were you busy?Didn't see you much and particularly didn't get much to talk to you after the Fresher's party!Was I such a bad co-coordinator that you had to ignore me",and she giggled.

 "Oh..No..not at all.I was just busy with my semesters.Had to change this crap Chemical branch of mine to the electronics one of yours and guess what, I have got what I had been long wanting !I will be your classmate from this year onwards".

 "Wow..that's awesome.Good to hear that.Welcome to the branch of nerds,as they say...",and they both burs-ted in laughter.

 "Alright then, see you in class tomorrow.I too have loads of unpacking to be done back at the hostel.Bye",and Rahul left.He was a nice guy.Fair,smart,Straight forward,good looking and down to earth guy from Himachal. He was always soft spoken with Namita.He had all good qualities than one, rage.His anger was something feared by all, thankfully it really takes a hard deal for him to get angry and everyone in college was aware of that.But once he had his temper up then nobody can save anyone from his anger.

          Namita was now back to her work of unpacking clothes and books.She was still thinking about Rahul.In-fact she was quiet impressed by his personality.And why not, He was one of the hottest topic among girls but very few lucky ones had got the chance to talk to him.And our girl,Namita was surely one of the luckiest girl ,to whom he himself came to talk to !

           College had finally started and everything was back to like it was.Boring lectures,lab work, sessionals with a spice of gossips, who's dating whom, and all the news of patch up, break up was in full swing. The best part of being part of an engineering college is, that you learn the art of all aspects from students all over the nation.Be it gossip doing or gossip creating field, one excels in it ,including many other fields, by the end of four years.Analyzing each and every student and even lecturers, gossiping all the possible things, criticizing the college marks system and teachers etc. are some of the various things that can be seen as a very usual scene in colleges with a massive participation of students
          .But Namita was a bit different.Neither was she interested in knowing who was seeing whom and neither was she a part of criticizing the lecturers or college.She was happy the way her life was and accepted it the way it came to her.She believed in hard work paying off at the end.But one things she didn't believe in was, that everything is predetermined.She didn't believe in the saying that your fate has already been written and you just do things to make it come real.She believed, one makes one's future by work and she firmly believed that by tracing out good reasons, she could figure out a possible way of being with her love,Samarth!

    But the question ,that arises here is, what's this fuss all about?What's the main theme of this series?Why can't just Namita be with Samarth?
To find out, Keep Reading :)


Chef.Dro said...

i hope you post the other one soon.. :)

Smita said...

yeah, I will :)

Chef.Dro said...

i hope you post the other one soon.. :)


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