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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Two States Part - 31

"Now, tell me. What's wrong Namita.", said Tiya, sitting besides Namita on her bed, holding her arm.
But Namita was still crying. It seemed as if nothing in the world can hold back her tears today.

Tiya made another attempt to calm her down,"Namita, What use is this all crying of yours gonna be? Tell me what's the matter. Don't cry please."
"I am here for you. Tell me what it is".

Namita didn't seem to stop. Tiya thought giving her rest from questions for sometime, so that she may reply back to her. She held her by her hands and allowed her to cry on her shoulder, waiting for her to stop. And after a while, she did stop.

"He doesn't trusts me.",she said sobbing.

"He? Who? Samarth?"

After a pause she said," He thinks I am cheating on him with Rahul, taking the excuse of maths lessons.", and tears again started dropping from her eyes.

"Oh God. Don't cry Namita. Please just don't cry."
"How can he think so? You guys have been so wonderful from the past one year that I has seen you both as a couple."
"Their might be some mistake Namita"
"Don't cry Please.", and she tried calming her down.

"Give me your cell phone. Let me talk to him."
"There's nothing other than the devil of misunderstanding between both of you"
"Let me clear things between you", she said and tried searching for her cell phone.

"No, I don't want to talk to somebody who doubts me this much", she said, crying.
"I have done nothing, still he thinks I am not loyal to our relationship. I tell him everything, before he even asks for it and ask him nothing, yet I am bound to circled by his insecurities."
"I can't bear this anymore Tiya"
"I wish to spend my life with someone who loves me. And not with someone who doubts me"

Long distance relationships surely have the scope of demons like, doubt, cheating, double-timing, lies. But Namita and Samarth made no ordinary couple. And to see that they too will have such a serious fight, on such petty issue was really surprising fro Tiya. But she was in no mood to let things go their devilish way. She wanted happiness for Namita, she wanted them both to be together. Firstly, because Namita was her best friend and secondly, she wanted

Rahul to know that Namita has a boyfriend. What a bedlam she was in !
Life tests us all the time. But she never knew that one day she will be an angel and a devil, at the same time, for the same person.

"Mita, stop crying. You are my best-est friend. You don't know how much your smile means to me. And I seriously just can't see you in so much of pain."
"Let me talk to him once. Let me clear things between both of you", she insisted, still searching for her cell.

"Here",Namita said, pointing out her cell phone in her hands.
"Take this"
"I don't know whether I should give you or not, But I trust you", she said looking at Tiya, her eyes filled tears.

Tiya tried smiling a bit. She knew she was being her friend and a bitch at the

same time, but then she had to do what she was doing, for all of them, which included Namita, Samarth, Rahul and Tiya, ofcourse.

"I will tell you the truth. And you know what it is", and Tiya took Namita's cell phone from her hand.

She dialed Samarth's number. The bell was ringing.
Nobody answered.

"See, now he won't even take my call", and Namita burs-ted in tears again.

"No, Namita. He could have been somewhere else. Don't think like that. I am...", and before she could complete, Namita's cell phone was ringing.
It was Samarth calling.

"See, I told you not to think rubbish. Now stop crying.", and Tiya answered his call.

And after a pause she continued,"Yes, she has been crying since she fought with you".
"Then why do you fight with her? You know how much she loves you, then why do you hurt her so much? She is such a pretty girl, why do you make her cry Samarth?"
"Hmm...I know Samarth"
. But it's not like that what you are thinking."
Namita was, and surely is, very much yours Samarth."
"The only man he has on her mind, is you and nobody else."
"No, it's not like that Samarth."
"Hmm..., she loves you, very much !"
"Hmm..., No !
"I mean, Yes he was there, but only because he saw her and not that she called him or something. I was there too. But, how do you know?"
"What !"
"Come again."
"Who told you that!, Vipsa ! "

 Vipsa! Now from where does she comes in the scene? What's this twist now? But seems like, Namita and Samarth are going to have a settlement soon! Thank to Tiya. Poor girl, fighting between friendship and love. But it's bad to see love birds going separate ways, even for a part of the story. So they had to be back together! As this is what makes, Another Two States, another love story !

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