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Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Two States Part - 16 (i)



"Hey, hello.Is this Namita?

"Yeah.May I know who's speaking."

"Well call me a friend or brother or cousin but I just can't see what all he's going through.So I just called to help you people out.This is Samarth's batchmate, Varun calling ."

"Listen,I don't wanna talk to you or your friend.We have had a clear conversation a day before yesterday.So just please don't waste your time.Such things disturb me, if they don't to him !"

"I know he's a jerk.But please at-least listen to me once.I know he might have offended in you in a lot many ways in just your first conversation.But please listen to me.He isn't like what you think he is.Please don't judge him by the conversation you had with him a few days back.He is not at all like that."

"So what you want me to do?You want me trust a totally strange guy, from nowhere, again, knowing what all stupid things he came up while saying such important words in one's life !! Come to reality Please for god's sake"

"I know it's hard to trust such a stupid stranger again but please please listen to him.Please just once.Just once,I want nothing more."

"Alright, but only once.And I promise nothing in return.Absolutely nothing.No mercy, no forgiveness !"

"Yeah Okay okay.Thanks a lot.Just listen to him once."
(In the behind)"Here take it now.And don't be a jerk this time.Talk to her nicely if you want her.I had a hard time getting her few minutes , so don't screw it all up !", and the cell phone was handed to Samarth.

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