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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sorry Mother

There have been times when I doubted your love for me. You being possessive with me, not allowing me to go out with my friends, made me think you didn't trust me enough to be on my own. It made me think, you didn't want me to be happy. I wanted to run out of your claws, get rid of your monarchy. I almost figured you as a Hitler of my life. I am sorry. There have been times when I thought you loved her more than me. When I thought I was an adopted child. I am sorry. You used to shout at me for not doing house work, beat me up for misbehaving or breaking up some vase or a toy. I hated you. I am sorry.
I used to be angry with you, used to make a sulking face when you used to shout at me, even for a second. I wanted to run away from all the work that you used to instruct me under strict instructions to be completed. I just wanted freedom from you. I am sorry mother. Please forgive your daughter .

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