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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Two States Part - 38

Tring Tring


"Hey, Hi Namita. When are you coming?",asked Tiya.

"Well, I will reach the hostel premises in few minutes",Namita sounded a bit disturbed.

"Okay. Come soon", Tiya ended the call but she clearly noticed the unrest in her voice.

Third year has finally begun. Tiya had already reached hostel while Namita was about to reach. They were in pre-final year now. From an engineering student's perspective it's the most crucial year. One is supposed to sit for the placement interviews, appear for the various exams like GATE, CAT etc etc. Your whole life after graduation is planned in third year. But Namita, like always, had some other  stuff occupying her mind.

Namita entered the room with a tiring look on her face, carrying her bag on one shoulder and dragging her suitcase behind her. She dropped onto her bed.
"Gosh, I am so tired", she lamented.

"Hey Namita. How have you been?", Tiya came.

They both hugged each other. Tiya was happy to see her old room-mate back but Namita seemed to be different.

 "What's wrong Namita? Everything Okay na?"
"You look so occupied by something else other than your journey tiredness. I hope..", and before our Talkative Tiya could utter one more word, Namita shouted,"Oh, Please Tiya. Fir God's sake shut up, will you?".
Now this kind of  behavior was shocking!
Never ever had the two had a fight on any thing and Tiya was surely taken back by this impudent reply of hers.

"Okay", she said shutting up and bending down her head as if arraigned for some crime not committed.

Namita wasn't somebody who would yell at Tiya or anybody else like this. Tiya was sure that some problem was making her irritated at everything. But she chose to be quiet. She knew, at the right moment, Namita would open all her secrets. One just need to give her some time. She started walking towards the door.

Back at her bed, Namita was feeling terrible .
"Hey Tiya", she said in an apologizing manner.
"I am sorry. I don't know what I was doing. I am so sorry yaar".

Tiya saw this coming. She turned to her quickly.
"It's okay Namita. I know you are not angry on me or something. But at-least tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help you",said Tiya, pleading her to tell her her secrets.


"Yes Namita"

"I am doing something whose reason I just can't explain to you! But I want your support in this all. Please help me", and she hid her face in her palms.

"I am your friend Namita. And what use are the friends who help their friends. But your point that you can't tell me the thing, does makes me concerned. Try me Namita."
"Not only I am good at keeping secrets but also I am as trustworthy as anyone else could be", said Tiya, sitting next to Namita. And she realized, Namita was sobbing. Trying to hide her tears from her by her palms.

"Namita..!",Tiya said,"Stop crying Namita. College is starting from tomorrow. You are a pre-final year student now. New life is just beginning for the year and you are so troubled."
"What's wrong Namita", she asked.

"Please Tiya. I need your help. I need you to keep this from everybody here that I am going from college for some-days. "

"Going? But where? You got to tell me first Namita. Then only I can help you out. Tell me what's the matter?", Tiya asked, impulsively. She wanted to help, but not without knowing what she was getting into.

"Okay, I will tell you but you need to help me keeping this from everyone, even my Mom Dad."

"What?", Tiya said surprisingly.
Namita had never kept any secrets from her parents, her mother especially.
"But Namita..."

"It's important that you keep from them that I am not in college. And also you need to tell people here that I am still at home while I would be gone...", and Namita continued with the details as to where and for how long she would be gone.

"Okay Namita, I get that. But at-least tell me whom are you going there for?"

Namita looked at her. Her lips wanting to spit out everything and release the burden on her heart. She kept looking at Tiya with the same expression for few minutes and then finally spoke", I am going to see my sister! ".

Tiya sat there. As amazed as one could be! Namita has a sister? Why was this never told to anyone before? Why nobody ever talked about her? Wasn't she been told as the only child of her parents since the beginning of the story? And now that we know that she has a sister, then why is she going to see her? Keeping it all a secret from everyone? Even from her parents? Why?
Third year of college has got a sparkling start, isn't it ;)


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