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Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Two States Part - 19

Tiya returned after 12.Namita was sound asleep.So Tiya too quickly changed into her bathing suit and slipped into her bed, taking care not to disturb her.

"She looks lovely while sleeping too.They both make a good couple but this clever girl didn't tell me all this.It was just his appearance today at our fresher's party that I got to know about him.Madam, you wake up tomorrow,I am surely gonna have a fight with you for not telling me this.",and thinking so Tiya too fell asleep.

The next day was as bright as it could be.The daily schedule started again engaging Tiya and Namita into the academic activities.
And hence so came the end of their first year.
(We are taking a leap of one year here)

College was settled,friends made, exams written and passed by several.
Tiya and Namita were about to enter the second year of their college.
Nothing much had changed in Tiya but a lot has surely happened.She was now much close to Namita and Namita was just her usual self!
A year had passed with lot's of examinations, fights and love scenes between Namita and Samarth and Tiya was yet finding one suitable match for herself, with no hurry.
Samarth's college was ending this year!
Namita and Samarth were still together, trying to discover all the valid possibilities of being together.
Tiya was still Namita's best friend and room-mate ,single and searching.

(After one year)

"Tiya,I just can't believe that we are in second year of engineering now !",said Namita unpacking her stuff.She had just returned back to hostel after the semester break.Tiya had already reached an hour before.

"What's so hard to believe in that?Other than the fact that I can't believe that someone so dumb like you too can pass all the engineering subjects.",saying so she winked at Namita.

" wait..",and Namita ran after Tiya to hit her with her books in hand.

"I know,it's hard to believe !", and Tiya laughed more and ran out of the room , into the hallway and then out of the building, teasing her.
"Now, you keep waiting in there,"she said,standing at the gate of their hostel building,"meanwhile I will go and check if the canteen has got any changes in it's menu or not.Bye bye Miss dumb !",and Tiya made a face and left .

"I won't leave you.You will have to come back to the same room,you know that....", and Namita was left shouting at Tiya, at the hostel's gate,but Tiya had already disappeared from her sight.Namita had just turned , and was headed towards her room when she heard this known voice,"Hi Namita".

What all new stories and secrets will be told and revealed this year?Will Tiya find someone?Will Namita and Samarth be able to figure out something for their future?What all new possibilities does this new year holds!
To find out, Keep Reading :)

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