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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Two States Part - 37 (i)

 "Hurray, we are free now !", Tiya entered the room shouting. Today they had our last university exam and both were leaving for their home in the evening.

"Yea, it gives so much relaxed feeling that I can't tell you. With no more tension of books and notes for sometime now", Said Namita. She was already done packing. She had to meet Rahul before going. So was just hurrying up with her final things. She rolled on her bedding into half to pack it, just then her cell phone flashed with Rahul's number.

"Hey Rahul...Hmmm..Hmm..Okay.", and she hung him up.
"Hey, Tiya. Rahul is downstairs. I am going to meet him, you wanna come and say bye?", she asked Tiya.

Tiya very much wanted to, but then she decided not to. She hadn't told Namita about her liking for him, and she wasn't very sure if meeting up with him with her would be a good idea or not. Hence she decided to stay back.
"No, you go ahead. I will message him my bye as I have loads to pack with just few hours before I leave. You go".

"Okay, I will be back in few minutes. I just want to clear things about that evening. Also, he has a train to catch in few minutes. So I guess, he too would be hurrying up", saying so she left.
But she left something undone.
Her diary !

She was rolling her bedding when the call came, it was half done there on the bed, with her diary popping out from underneath the mattress!
Tiya saw it.
Namita was gone.
Tiya was all alone with that diary, looking out from under the mattress, tempting to be opened, to be read by her.
Tiya had never seen such a diary before. Never had Namita mentioned about any such diary. And neither had Tiya seen Namita writing or reading any such diary.

"What's that? A personal diary? Is it Namita's? She never told me about it but! And what is it doing in that murky place? Is something very personal written in there? Should I see? Should I read it?", numerous thoughts were going in her mind, and unknowingly she had started walking towards that diary!

Personal things, of others of-course, are more alluring than our very owns! And it's nothing to be embarrassed about, it's human nature. Tiya was also driven by such human instincts at the moment and she couldn't resist to see what the diary was about.

She quickly jumped to Namita's bed. Took out the diary from under the mattress. Looked for any titles on it's front and back, but found nothing. And then, she opened it! 
And starting reading!

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