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Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Two States Part - 33(ii)

"Thank GOD, you answered!", Samarth said from the other side.

"Yes, And I did so because I want to know everything, everything that's between the two of you. I didn't expect this from you Samarth", her voice made it clear that an easy forgiveness wasn't coming his way.

"Namita, I am so sorry. Please forgive me, or at-least try. "
"Please listen to me"

"I don't trust you anymore Samarth !"
"Yes, I don't"

"But you got to trust me Namita. I know I have done a blunder by hiding this from you but please listen to me.", and he went on narrating the whole story of how they met and all stuff to him.

"I know Vipsa from our school days. Her father is an army official and so he came to live in our neighborhood for some two years. We used to go to the same school, same class"
"Gradually, we became friends. I took her as my other girl friends, but she always had this liking for me, which I only came to know when his father got transferred from Bangalore to Delhi."
"She didn't want to leave. She wanted to pursue higher studies too with me in my college only. She told her Dad about her liking for me. But his Dad was well aware of her manipulative nature. Vipsa likes things not because she likes them, but because everybody else likes them. And then she wants that thing to  be hers forever. Same was the case here. I was the topper of my class and so everybody, back at school and at home, even her parents liked me. This made her want me in her life. She is really a possessive kind of girl."
"And thankfully, Her Dad saved me from all this. He took her away with him, brought her to Delhi, and eventually made her joined your college."

"But what about that Fresher's party meeting?"
"You knew her right from our first year. Isn't it?"
"You are a liar Samarth ! You knew I was her batch-mate, didn't you?"
" have been in touch with her all the time, haven't you been? Huh? You are a liar Samarth".

"No Namita, trust me. After she left Bangalore, I never made any attempts to contact her or see her. But through some mutual school friends she knew I had a girlfriend named Namita. When she got to know you, she thought it might be you, but then me being a South Indian, kinda made her feel that it can't be true! And for the whole fresher's party thing, one of our mutual friends told her, that I would be visiting your college that day, which got her a chance to see me. And she kinda tracked me, and it was then only that I had seen her after some two years."

"You think I am gonna believe all this Samarth? Really?", Namita was really hurt. Hurt to the point that now she wasn't ready to believe anything, that Samarth was saying.
"Believe me Namita. This is all true. She is such a mad girl that when she saw me with you, she kinda threatened me, that she will make your life hell at college. At the fresher's party, after you left, she came to me, begged like anything to love her, to be with her. She was pathetic that evening. All she wanted was to me leave you and be with her. But I ignored her."
"Then She got my number from somebody and started texting me all your daily stuff. But you use to tell me everything before she use to text me. I just use to delete her messages, without even reading them. But lately, she has been texting very frequently about you and Rahul. You both sitting together in class, in library, going to canteen together and stuff. She kinda made me think that you were seeing Rahul, keeping it all a secret from me. She only told me that  you were crying on the shoulders on Rahul this evening."

"Crying on his shoulder's?? Oh God. This girl is a real liar. I told you about Rahul Samarth, didn't I? I told you, I will be taking maths lessons from him. But you believed her, and not me. You don't trust me Samarth", and she started sobbing.

"No Namita. I do trust you. You are everything dear. Please don't cry. I am really feeling miserable now, for hiding all this from you. But trust me, she's nothing and you are my everything Namita. I was just so so insecure and humiliated to be far away from you that even a little speck of fire was enough to lit up the fire of doubts in my mind. I am sorry Namita. Am extremely sorry for all the pain I have put you in. Please stop crying.", he almost begged forgiveness.

"Don't you know how much I love you. How much I care for you. Still you did this all to me Samarth! ", Namita wanted to grant pardon by now. How much could she hold her love for him.      

"I love you", he said.

"I love you too", she said, finally.

"Now that's my girl. I have a good news for you baby!",Said Samarth.

    So this was the whole case. Vipsa had been the vamp between Samarth and Namita. But the case was all solved now. They knew, their love was gonna win over devil Vipsa's plan. But Vipsa too played a good game. Texting all of Namita's details to him, spying on her with Sakshi. Clever girl but ultimately, a Poor Girl !

So, this part does solves some mysteries! What a relief, isn't it ;)

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