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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Two States Part - 35

  Days were passing soon now. Second year of Engineering had come to an end.
Exams were about to start and everybody was busy arranging books, notes and worksheets. Namita too was busy but the bank work was still bugging her mind. She had managed the bank senior to help her forge account details, but for short time only. She still had to plan out how she will manage the whole financial thing. But the exams were priority for the time being. After all that had happened because of Vipsa, she had been ignoring Rahul. He was a bit upset with Namita being impertinent with him, but she had no other choice. While Tiya saw this as a golden opportunity to get closer to him. She had started liking him for sure now. All she needed was, the correct moment, to hit on him.

   Rahul wanted to talk to Namita. He still wasn't clear what had made her cry the other day, but Namita hadn't been talking to him, via messages and had also been avoiding all direct interactions also. She wasnt even taking any maths lessons from anybody. She just used to come, sit in the maths lecture and then leave. This attitude had made him a bit too queer to know what was wrong and hence he thought of talking to Tiya.

One evening Rahul saw Tiya passing by the canteen area. He thought talking to her.

"Hey Tiya", he shouted, waving to Tiya.

"Hey...Hi",Tiya was amazed and surprised.
At once thousand thoughts arose in her mind.
"Wow. Rahul is calling me. But why is he calling me? what could be the reason? Vipsa? Has she said something to him about me or Namita? Why ? What it could be",she kept thinking, while walking towards him with a smile on her face, to hide all the dubious thoughts of her mind.

"Hey. You looking good",he complimented  her !
Yes, He!
Rahul complimented Tiya.
She was on ninth cloud now, ofcourse.

"Oh Thank You! You really got a taste there !", Tiya said, exhilareted.
"So, How have you been? Long time no see", she said, just to start the conversation.
Actually she wanted to talk to him, tell him that she liked her. But then, being a girl, she was quiet. But now that he had complimented her, she thought,"This guy might like me too,just the way I like him".

"Oh, yeah. I should say this to you. Where have you been? Been so busy with your studies?", he said.

"Na...not really. Just college hours make me busy. So..",she was finding it a bit hard to stand infront of her crush without getting dizzy, but then she just couldn't afford to loose the conversation with him, hence she continued,"All done to go for the semester exams?".

"Yeah, preparations are on. I don't worry much about studies. Never have.",he too seemed in a jovial mood today.
"So, how about a cup of coffee?",he asked.

"A cup of coffee!".
"Wow",Tiya said in her mind. This is what she had been waiting for so long to hear. And she made no delay in agreeing to the proposal.

"Why not, let's go", she said with a smile and with a little blushing and  they both went to the cafeteria in the campus.

When they both were seated, he said,"So, where's Namita? How's she doing? Haven't seen her too for a while. Is everything okay with her?".

He seemed to be quiet curious and impatient to know the whereabouts of Namita.

Tiya didn't like this, ofcourse, but she knew she need not worry in that area particularly, as Namita belonged with Samarth.
She replied back to him, thinking it might get her some attention from him.

"She's all fit and fine. Just busy with life and acadamics", she kept the reply quiet short and simple, not to give him some point to start a conversationa bout her, as that would be the least thing she would like to do this very evening. She didn't like him enquiring about her roommate.

"So, what had happened to her that day? Why was she crying so badly and then she hasn't been talking to me since that day. Is something wrong on my part? I know, you two guys are good friends, so she might have told you ",Rahul said.

"Okay, so wanted to know about her that's why I am being offered coffee? Isn't it Rahul? I hate you", she said in her mind, looking at him but then she realized, she need not have to hate him, Namita was no way free for him.

"Oh that day. Well...", while she was still in a dilemma, as whether to tell him about that day or not, she wasn't in a mood to spill things now. She was hurt, as Rahul kept on asking about Namita other than talking about her but then she decided, spilling beans about Namita's love life may get her a way to be more close to Rahul.

"Well, actually, that day....", but before she could even start, an intrusion was made in their coffee meeting.

"Hi Rahul"
"Oh...You are also here",said Vipsa, looking at Tiya,"Hi", and she sat besides Rahul.

  What was Vipsa doing there? Isn't she done yet with her wicked plans? Or does she something else to come up with?
Rahul complimented Tiya, now that was surprising on his part. So should we say that now Tiya and Rahul gonna be the next love birds? Or is it too early to say so? Soon we will find out.
Keep reading !

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