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Friday, June 10, 2011

Another two states Part 22 (ii)

        Second year was just so refreshing. Students finally getting a way, out at college. But Namita's life was still so unclear. Samarth was done with his college and they both wanted him to find a job as soon as possible. A job with a handsome pay, to promise for a promising future. Namita wanted him to meet her parents as soon as he settles himself in life. But she still had to wait on time for that.

        Meanwhile college had started and again attending boring lectures had been a schedule for every week.Barkha and Himani loved just a few blocks away, but they never really seemed to be talking to Namita or to Tiya either. The fact being that Himani has been a dance partner, in a dance group with Tiya at the freshers.

Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.

"Hello, Hey...I was mising you.
Hmm..okay...Oh really! Now that's something great! I am just so happy. You made my dear sweetheart. Okay, I gotta go, I have a maths class to attend.Argh, I hate maths you know! Cya, lots of Love.Bye",and Namita entered her mathematics lecture.She tried figuring out a place in the first row , but the call had made her late enough to be lucky for that. And then she spots Rahul, sitting at the back seat, with an empty chair next to him. She went to that place, straightaway.

"Hey",she greeted him. But he seemed to be all soaked up solving some maths problem. After he was done, he turned towards her. she was looking awesome. Draped in a red casual t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, with loosened hair, she was trying hard to doodle among the problem with one hand while the other hand was busy safeguarding her hair in place, at the back of her ears.

 "Let me help you", and he went to explain the problem to her in her notebook.
"See, this is how it is done.You just got to apply the formula, apply some differentials, and you get the final answer. Simple!".

"Yeah, simple for you but not for me",she said smiling.

"Alright students.I guess that was enough.Keep practicing the differentials, you might get a surprise test next month.The class is dismissed for today.Those who have problems may seek the solutions in my cabin later this evening",and the professor ended the lecture.

"Oh God.A surprise test! But I am not at all ready for it",and she almost freaked out by the announcement just made.

"It's not up-to your comfort Namita.The professors have  their own schedule of tests.You got to comfort yourselves to fit into their comfort zone.Start practicing from today itself",and he got up from his chair collecting things,"You still got a month.Cya.",and he left.

Namita quickly gathered her things to catch up with him in the corridor.
"Yeah, But I have no idea from where to start with. What am I gonna do !Oh God, why did you make all this test system!",Namita was in trouble, a big maths trouble!

"Well, If you want,I can help you out with it on the weekends or whenever it suits you",and an tutoring offer was made from the boy, struck by her charm.

"Oh really! Thanks a ton.You don't know, from what a big headache you have saved me. I will just check on my classes schedule and inform you,Okay?", and she made no delay in accepting what she had been wanting so much, for the current situation.

But wait! What's going on? Rahul has got a soft corner for Namita? Really? But she already has a boyfriend, about whom she is pretty serious ! And what about the call ? That mystery call? Again? Who is is that Namita's been talking to? Wasn't it supposed to be Samarth? Who is it, that keeps calling her at odd hours of the day! Who is it ?

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