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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Two States Part - 11


      She was allotted the lower birth on the same side as his, the two seats side.Her parents were in the compartment just infront of her seat. Now all he wanted was a chance! A chance to talk to her, to get to know her and exchange numbers for future contact. By now he was mad for her, he just couldn't forget those beutifuk eyes and the adorable look on her face he saw this early morning.He waited and waited.But luck wasn't being very much on his side now.

   People were enquiring the staff members about further updates on the delay of the train. Train would supposedly reach Delhi by tomorrow morning, this was the calculation he made.It was evening by now.The sun was beginning to settle down in the arms of the ocean, birds were quiet and calm now and trees were starting grow dark and shady by now.He watched outside the window, thinking what phase of life was he experiencing.Is he in in, what they call, Love? Is she the one? What if she doesn't likes him and what if she is already engaged? What if..? And many such interrogative questions kept arising in his mind until he saw her getting up from her seat and moving towards the end of the bogie.He immediately got up to catch her. And there she was. This time, alone !

  "Yeah, I know.I will be in college latest by Wednesday.God knows why this derailment of that train had to happen now only.Our train is late by some 18 hours now......yeah.", she seemed to be talking to one of her classmates back at college but all he noticed was her sweet voice.Finishing her call, she turned and found him standing just behind her.He smiled and popped his hand towards her, "Hi, I am Samarth".
 She got a  setback for a second.Wasn't expecting this to happen.In a hesitant but smiling manner, she replied "Hi, Namita", and shook hands with her but before he could say anything her name was called.
"Namita...Namita beta..".
"Umm..Excuse me..I have to go", her mother was calling .
He watched her going  and thus he too returned to his respective place in the trian waiting and almost begging God for just one more chance to talk to her.Luck has been smiling on him so he was confident he would get a chance, yet again to talk to her.And this time he was determined to say everything in a single breath, before her mother would appear or call her.

    Time passed and dinner had been served.People were beginning to settle down.Light's were dimmed now.Some had already fallen asleep but he was awake.Waiting for her to return on her seat and waiting for her to move from her parents custody.He waited and waited but she returned and fell asleep .Poor he.He wanted to talk but how.

      A sharp whistle woke him up.It was five in the morning.Train was supposed to reach New Delhi station at eight in the morning and his stop was a before that.What was he gonna do now?How would he tell her that he has started liking her.He had no time now.He got up from his berth to check is she was awake but she wasn't. What was he supposed to do now.His stop was arriving fast.
He got his notepad from his bag, wrote something on it and started walking towards her berth.He checked on her parents. Thankfully they were asleep.He quickly passed that slip under her pillow and before passing through her seat he clicked a pic of hers,while sleeping.
She was looking stunning, at-least for him, while sleeping even.With mixed feelings he stepped out of the train.He had written all he had felt in this short journey they had together.He had written his contact details and everything. All he had to do now was Wait, Wait for her to call him.

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