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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another Two States Part - 15

 "Oh My God !".
"I just can't believe that your love story began with a fight.A fight with no central issue",saying so Tiya burst-ed into laughter again.

After a while she somehow controlled herself to resume speaking,"But as I know you both are together so how did it all started again? I mean how? Who took the first step in talking to the other? Who?", and she spooked on Samarth as if a young child searching for an answer she had just answered in her board exam sheets to counter check.

"I know it just couldn't be her.I know her well by now.She is just too way beyond sticky with her ideals and all.So how did you manage to make it upto her all again?I must say you might have had a hard time getting back."

"You bet I did.But it was all worth it ! She is my darling after all", he said looking in the eyes of her .

"Ooohh..darling huh !", and she tickled Namita who was simply listening and blushing.

"Of-course you had to make up for your mistakes and what all you said in our first conversation isn't something what a guy says or what a girl expects ",Said Namita,showing a bit of arrogance there in her words.
"But then that's something that bonds us more stronger today.That's something which I will remember how we had our first fight! Unknowingly!",and she giggled.
"But Tiya madam ask Mr. Samarth how he made it up to me.That part is more interesting than the first because that shows how rude, how arrogant, how egoistic Mr.Samarth is but the most loving and caring guy at the same time",saying so she grinned at Samarth. 

"Yeah.Okay, I agree what all happened wasn't a good way to say sorry but then I did made up to you na and we are together now.So this what matters.Let's just bygone those days,such things happen in a relation!"

"Yeah Fine.As you please Mr.Samarth but one thing is......",and before she could complete Tiya interfered or she had to,"Well, Excuse me you Love Birds,somebody is waiting here for that part of the story to start , somebody.Right, so let's get started I guess.Comeon we all will have it with a pizza.Waiter, hello..excuse me...",and she went straight ahead with the order instructions to the waiter.


Tring tring.
Tring Tring.


"Hey, hello.Is this Namita?

"Yeah.May I know who's speaking."

"Well call me a friend or brother or cousin but I just can't see what all he's going through.So I just called to help you people out.This is Samarth's batchmate, Varun calling ."

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