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Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Two States Part - 14


"Hello.Is this 90........ ?"

"Yes.May I know who's speaking?".

"Well, ",she said after a brief pause,"I met you on the train from Kolkata to Delhi", and waited for the reply with a shy smile appearing on her face.

"Oh my God,Oh my God,I.....I..I just can't believe that you called.Oh God,I am talking you. ", and he put the call on pause,covering his cell with one hand shouted at the top of his voice,"God thank you .Thank you very much.".

"Oh God,I am sorry to put you on are you?How are things?"

"I am good, am fine", and she giggled .
 "Actually I heard what you shouted just a moment back",and she giggled again.

"Hehehe..Actually I just couldn't believe that God can be so kind so I didn't delay a moment to thank him.I don't believe in him but I trust him ."

"Hey. Don't say so.God loves everyone.Between, The letter was nice",and she giggled again.She just couldn't hold back her giggles from being revealed on the phone.

"Hehehehe..I know I am a fool.But a fool for you.I am sorry, am not at all good at expressing things but I guess you got the hint to which I was pointing to."

"Yeah...I..did..It was not the usual love letter guys write to a girl.But I certainly respect your feelings and novelty and this is why I am talking to you right now...So..what next?...what now?"

"What..what next?I don't know,You tell me."

"So this is all?This is all that you gotta say to me?"

"Yeah, I mean what else?What else am I supposed to say?I wrote everything I meant on that piece of paper , everything, just everything."
"You are a really pretty lady and I do like you a lot.But we are totally unknown of each others life so how can I say or decide what next.I ...I just don't have any plans.I...I.. I just don't know ",his voice was a bit shaky but somehow he managed to speak it all. 

"How can you say so?You have nothing on your mind about all this?Really?"
"You mean to say you just met some girl on the train and she somehow appeared nice and pretty to you and then you write a lovestruck letter to her saying all that you feel,mentioning all the minute details of her face you observed and then when the girl calls you up giving her consent, all you end up with is ,I don't know what to say! You know this all is really embarassing now. You just don't know what to say. Disgusting !"

"I love you", he mumbled in a lower voice.

"You just don't love a stranger like this. out of nowhere. We are not living in a dream land or in a fairy tale or at-least I live in reality and guess you don't.This is ni way of saying or putting things.You don't know a thing about me and similarly you too are a perfect stranger to me yet I called you up considering all the honestly and respect shown in the letter but guess I have just made a fool of myself by calling you up,"and she started sobbing.

"Hey listen.....listen don't cry please."
"I am sorry.Oh..for God's sake please don't cry.I really didn't know what to say.I am still stunned with you calling me and I just simply said what I felt like.Please don't make a scene out of it now"

"Alright, now I am making a scene out of it.Mr.Samarth , what do you think of yourself.You are not a king of some kingdom that I being the slave got to follow your rules.I am so sorry that I called you up.I won't again."

"Yeah, please just don't.I am sorry that I met some so driven by emotions like you.I thought you were somebody a bit more realistic than everyone,somebody who would understand me .But I am so sorry that I was so wrong in judging you.Please leave me alone."

"Yeah, please you too leave me alone.And don't try calling me ", and she hung up crying.

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