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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Two States Part - 12


              My first and last Love letter.    

     Hey, I know, we all start letters with a salutation but, to be honest with you from the starting only, I seriously don't know what to say or write.But I had no other choice but to write this all down, since you were sleeping and since your parents were near, I just didn't want to make it embarrassing for you.

    This might sound little odd to you but, I guess I have started liking you and from what I have seen in my life till now,I guess, I love you too.Please don't be angry, Please.I just don't know how to say it but its highly imperative that I must admit it.Since I saw you on the basin that morning, I have been thinking about you.What you do,what you study, what family and friends you have, what life you have and etc.I know I might be sounding stupid to you but Please don't tear this letter before I complete it !Please don't.

    I adore you,your voice,your eyes, your smile and to be really honest, I like you.It hasn't been a ling period since I have known you but from the past 24 hours all I came to conclude is, that you have that something in you that attracts me, that compels me  to think, that Yes, this is that person that can make your world a better place to live in.And frankly,I seriously don't know what that thing is.But there is something that forced me to write this letter down.Believe me this is the first letter of it's kind that I am writing to a girl and probably the last one also.I don't date,neither do I believe in all the modern relationship status, but I feel you are simply too precious to be missed.We seldom get jewels in our life and the one who doesn't worth one, when presented one, is the biggest fool on planet Earth.I am not a fool but I  want to be a fool for you.I don't wanna miss the gift that God has brought in my life.

       Don't be angry , but I kinda have been observing you from the past 24 hours.I might not be in a good condition right now to promise all the world's comforts right now but I can gaurantee you that I will always keep you happy,be it at any cost.I didn't get a chance to introduce myself so Hi, I am Samarth.And please don't be shocked ,I might not look like a south indian but I am from Bangalore.I am a Kannada basically,an aryan to be precise.I know you belong to the north and I to the south but do we educated people have to be bound by these boundaries now to love anybody?I like you and guess am not that bad to be hated by someone.

     I know we don't know each other but then life is all about giving it a shot, so why not try giving this a shot?Would you like to be friends with me?Or to be more precise, good friends?Or to extend it a bit more, would you like to be the girl of a madman like me ! Would you?

P.S. :Please try reconsidering if your answer is No until it turns out to be a yes.Please ,Please Please.
This is my number and mail id.Please reply in whatever form you like.

P.S. 2 :Am sorry.I am really a novice at writing or speaking kindly to girls.I might have sounded like a big fool in my letter above but to sum it up all I want to say is,Please say Yes.I love you.

you know me
Please do reply

1 comment:

vernal void said...

"Please say yes"! Hahaha. Too shallow!


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