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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Two States Part - 10


             It was a bright sunny day.She was returning from Kolkata, visiting her relatives there.He too was on that train.They both had a common destination,New Delhi.Their birth's weren't nearby but as they were destined to meet ,they had the same compartment and they met, at the petty Indian Railways washbasin.

        They had an overnight journey to Delhi.So early morning she had gone to brush her teeth.Behind her, came he.
She had washed her face and had just lifted her eyes to see  in the mirror and  realized that somebody from behind was watching her do all this . She felt a bit uncomfortable and asked if he wanted to use the basin, thinking this as the reason for his gazing. But the scene of her washing her face and then facing him with tiny water droplets spread all over her face like mist water droplets on the petals of a rose flower early morning , had already made the way for the future Love weeds. He was watching her, starteld by her beauty, her long eyelashes, beautifying her eyes, short length flicks of hair coming on her forehead,damped with little water and she trying to push them away from coming in her eyes way to watch him.

       "Hm..Oh..No..You please carry on.I...I will use it later",he replied, as if awaken from a dream.He turned towards the compartment and she turned towards the basin again.She got again busy with her stuff but the guy turned again just to catch another glimpse of her.

   "All passengers are hereby informed that there will be a delay in your journey from Kolkata to Delhi because of derailment of the Boggy a few lines ahead.We are making our best to provide you the comforts promised and make sure the delay isn't prolonged for more than 2 hours."This announcement panicked everyone but there was somebody who was happy.Happy with the thought that he might see her again.
Hope never dies and hence he was curious now to see her now, Again.

  He had been allotted the lower birth on the two side births, being travelling alone.
And now all he was concerned at was finding her position in that compartment.So he started visitng either the pantry area or the compartments doors and even the place where he first saw her.Every hour he could be found at these places.
And luck smiled on him, but a bit.She came, but with her mother.

  She saw that.Gave him a smile and went to use the washroom.He was now standing with her mother.They exchanged a cold look !He had no idea what to say, so he just pretended as if to be enjoying the outside view through the door .He could see miles and miles of barren land with some small shrubs growing here and there with some big trees at a very far distant.In his mind , he was thinking or rather asking God, why she was with her mother, would he able to meet her again and get to know about her,why at times are mothers such a villain!
While he was just questioning things, she came out.Gave him a smile and went with her mother back to her respective birth.And one good thing he did was, following her to know her position.And he got that !


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