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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another Two States Part - 13

   "Remember na, How we got together?You remember na?You know na you are a fool, a fool for me!", and she giggled and hugged him.
"You don't have to suspect or spy on me Samarth.You don't have to be insecure.I know you love me and you know I Love you too.Then why all this Samarth.Our love isn't so weak that it will have such furies of suspision between us that anyone was cheating on the other.And you know it really upsets you as well as me when we have to fight over such petty issues.How many times do I have to remind you the promise I made to you. I will be by your side always."

"I am so sorry Namita.I didn't intend to bring this all up intentionally.It's just I really don't want to loose you,like I had that day."
"Arre baba, you are never ever going to loose me until and unless you do something really nasty like marrying someone else on my back..", and she laughed.
"Shutup.That's never ever gonna happen."
"Then you too shutup about that day.You know when a mistake is done,it's not committed alone.There is always two people evolved in the happenings responsible for it.I too , was at mistake somehow, that day.I just shouldn't have been so hard on you with things.I am sorry too baby."
"Don't say sorry.I am sorry too."
" this look is what kills me", and her bubble voice made the environment a bit light.
"Come let's go and have something to eat.I am starving here."

     They went to the nearby restaurant and settled down to eat.
"Do you remember all the conversation we had that day?Do you?",asked Namita.
"Yes ofcourse,I do.I remember exactly every second of it, line by line,word by word."

     "Great..! Then you only are going to narrate the whole thing to me then", said a voice from behind.
"Finally gotcha both! Hi, I am Tiya,I don't know whether my not so good roommate had mentioned to you about me but certainly I don't know a thing about you because she has been hiding it all from  me!Can you believe that, from me!And she didin't even tell me that you were coming.So to start off with,I would really like to know about how it all started in the first.So please keep talking else I will keep talking and You shouldn't just allow me to talk because....",and before she could say another word he took the command,"Alright, alright I know everything about.Everything that she knows",he said pointing to Namita,with a crooky  smile on  his face.

   "I might not be living with her but she always keep me updated her with all the happenings in her life, the reason to which might be quite clear to you by now I guess.So don't worry,I will tell you all.All about that judgement day,the D-day of my life, that not only changed my life but also my perception of taking things.It actually changed the person sitting in-front of you,a change that I cherish rather that regretting".

"Alright Mr.Samarth,I am listening,"
said Namita,supporting her face with her palm by keeping her elbow on the table,facing him,like a child is been told that a fairy tale was soon to begin !

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