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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

CABG Part 3

16th December

8 : 00 am

                   until...unitl I removed the quilt from his face to wake him up. With a placid smile I wished him goodmorning but his pale face showed signs that something was wrong. Mom told me about he telling her , his inability to get up that morning ,might be because of excess work and travelling exertion. Hence Mom took the decision to postpone our trip to the evening and see the physician. He drove himself to our family doctor and after all the blood reports and analysis nothing unusual came. Puzzled by the good reports doctor advised father to see his cardiologist at once regarding the condition of his breathlessness at few steps only.

                  From there he went to see his doctor. She got his ECG(electrocardiagram) done and the whole case was solved. He was under engina attack. Worst part about heart attacks is  they can be silent too!He had had engina pain attaack some 7 years back but with controlled diet and regular intake of medicines with precautions towards having a healthy life, no other problems had occured til now but now the inevitable condition was there......CABG ( Cardiac Artery Bypass Grafting surgery).

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