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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CABG Part 8

17th December

2:55 Pm

                       We were waiting in the ICU Lounge.We were waiting for the doctor's call,to see Father before he would be operated.Million threads were going in my mind.All relatives were there,calming mother and me but what else could calm us but the very sight of Father.And at 2:55 pm ,the call was announced.We rushed to see him.He was going.Was worried and tensed.Mother  smiled and I held hid hand,while he was being taken.He smiled,for a nanosecond but that nanosecond was the most beautiful moment.And finally I wasn't in pace with the stretcher and lost sight of him when he entered two big white gates,flipping against each other with doctor's entering ,in rush,nurses following the orders and assisting them,different equipments and medicines beign supplied to the big room known as Operation Theater.

                       What else could we do but have a flash of everything that has happened in the past 24 hrs.Everything seemed just like yesterday and everything coming seemed like so so far away.Telling the same story to all the callers was one agony.Narrating them all the scene was going like it again and again,with Father suffering and not answering the call meant people offended.How strange ,isn't it?Call and we won't like to talk,don't call and we would complain that you didn't call !But that's human nature,that's human life and that's human attitude !Who can get past through these things,who?None !

                                  Surgery started at 3 pm.

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