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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Saturday, January 15, 2011

CABG Part 6

16th December

11 : 30 pm

                  With all the medical arrangements made,finanicial aid gathered,relatives and friends informed the biggest question infront of us was,how to tell father,why we were going to another hospital?,what his actual  condition is and apart from this the biggest testing time was the time to face him with all the dreaded things in mind with a smile to make it appear as if everything is normal.

                    Never thought one day I will have to face him in such a tragic situation.With a wide smile,I entered.He was a bit troubled.I wished him good evening,he inquired about the report.I replied,"Everything is normal papa it's just that they don't have enough advanced machines so we are just taking you to Apollo and from there you will be freed."Standing besides my father had never been such an impossible task for me but as said God stands with you whenever he sends trouble to test you.Sometimes everything seems to be coming to an end,when the most strongest pillar falls in-front of your eyes ,things seem to fall apart never to be back along all together.He was asking for mother.She was crying outside.Destiny sometimes plans such big things,can't it give a hint for people to prepare for it?Just a small hint can do but this is life not some story.Here things just happen and we are supposed to welcome them with pleasure and face them with courage.

                     Mom will have to sleep in the hospital,in case of any emergency.I wanted to stay too but being a girl everybody asked me to go home.It was the moment to support and not to protest or argue.Throughout my life I have never ever had a complex of being a girl but today ,wished was a boy,to support my mother,to support my father.

                    Mom ate minimal food,she was all lost,aunties were trying to make the moment light but when
you can see the whole reel of troubles with your eyes wide open nothing distracts you from thinking about it.She left for hospital in few minutes,I left behind.I was told to sleep.It was 1 am by now.How shameless our human body is,gets too tired and the need to sleep makes your eyes so heavy that you go into sound sleep as soon as you board bed forgetting that a wife ,a mother would be awake whole night,thinking of past ,crying for the present and worried about the future.I never felt so bad about myself as for not being there with her.Early morning we had to leave town ,had to be the supporting member of the family even if I am told I can't be.I closed my eyes.

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