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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Friday, January 14, 2011

CABG Part 4

16th December

 2 : 45 pm

             They returned.I could clearly see the red wet eyes of my mother but she pretended things to be fine.
  She said,"only a little medical test needs to be done for analyzing the heart,father will have to be in hospital for a day and nothing else to be worried about".But I knew something was wrong.It has always been so,both of us are the world's worst liar yet we commit this sin every then and now.We both hide our tears from one another to be the support and not the weakness.Smile even when eyes play all the trick telling the truth.No matter how hard we try but we both can sense the trouble ,the pain. the vain .the other soul is going through.

            He was taken to the local hospital immediately after he had his lunch.Yes,I can still revive every moment I spent on the dining table ,serving his plate myself,He eating his food, there infront of my eyes normally,wish could relive those moments soon again.He was in ICU by 3:15.We were  accompanied by our very caring neighbors.I really owe a lot to my Uncle who helped us in that crucial time.Aunty was also there along with our others,calming Mother.His angiography was due to be done at 5 in the evening.The clock ticked 6,Cell phones ringing,relatives inquiring and we informing some friends.Another hour went by with no sign of Doctor.With mixed feelings of  anger  and nervousness we have been meeting him in between telling him about the delay in the procedure with nothing to worry as such.

                   Alas, the Doctor appeared.She came .It was 9 pm by now.

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