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Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers

Saturday, January 22, 2011

CABG Part 7

17th December

6 : 00 am

                    We were at the hospital.He was ready to aboard the ambulance !Never thought so early this
phase would come in my life that We will have to accompany him in an ambulance with all life saving tools equipped and a medical attendant accompanying us.The siren of the ambulance seemed like the D-day's call.Life was struggling infront of my eyes,I just standing and watching things happening !Father in the front with mother in the ambulance and me with my uncle behind the ambulance.The two hour journey seemed like two hundred hours,funny but life brings you every phase with such bare realities ,that one won't even dream as the deadest dream ! He gets medical aid just in time was the need of the hour and all I was worried about.God may shower troubles,one may think but we shouldn't forget that he walks with us ,helping us in every step,silently ,and we human ,forget to thank but never forget to complain for all the hardships.

               By 9 we were there,at the emergency.The doctor's team was ready,had an acquittance there,thankfully.Mr.Garg was very helpful.He was the main senior cardiologist ,main consultant in Dad's case.He was now getting the idea,nervousness could be clearly read on his face.I was standing besides him,calming him,holding his reports and other files in one hand and his hand in the other.Standing in such a situation ,I had never imagined.He wasn't ready for this shock.Wanted some less painful thing to be done and was asking but assuaging him was my duty.But what words can pacify a scared heart?Smiling seemed to be useless,holding his hands ,all I thought of saying to him was " I Love You Papa.Don't worry.Everything will be alright.Just be strong and face what life is bringing upon us."I could barely hold my tears but God helped.His doctor made his mind for all the surgical treatments and calmed him,assuring to give him the best treatment possible.No human appeared ,ever in life so angelic like Mr.Garg appeared to us.Thank you God,for being with us :)

               All the medical arrangements were made.The panel was ready.He would be treated at 3 pm.And he was taken ,taken away from our sight,for some pre-surgery treatments to be carried on.Dad waved,I smiled, turned and cried.

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