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Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Two States Part - 16 (ii)


"Hey there",a voice as sulking it could be, was what got into her ears.

"Hey, you okay?"

" am...fine..".
"Listen I am so sorry that I hurt you in the first but you have no idea how much guilty I am for that.I know, I must not have said all those things to you but, I didn't know anything else to say.I just don't know how such things go or how such things are supposed to be handle.Believe me, you are the first girl ,that I have felt something for and I really don't have an experience handling girls as I only have a big brother.
I am sorry.Please forgive me."

"Hmmm...even I don't have any such past experiences and you coming up with all this letter and call is totally so weird you know.But still ain't I being polite and listening to what you got to say?So why it can't be just vice-versa?I guess, I am not asking for too much or is it?"

"I agree, Namita.But this is the way I am.This is how I react to things which I love dearly, but the fact that I can't have them, makes me go just so mad.I am sorry, Please."

"We are totally strangers.You expect me to always subside for all your rude behavior towards me?Do you even have the least idea, how much you had hurt-ed me?",and she started sobbing.
"Nobody has that right to till date.Nobody.I thought I might have met the right guy but you hurted me more than I could have ever imagined."

"Don't...just don't cry Namita.I am extremely sorry.I really didn't mean to hurt you.Please belive me."

"Believe you?Again?Just to hurt me again?"

" at all.Trust me, it won't happen again.
"Give me a chance to make upto all of this fuss that I have created.I promise,I won't do such lame thing ever again."

"Just go away.Leave me alone."
"Namita,I love you."

"Don't say that! Don't lie.Atleast keep the dignity of those three words."
"You just don't meet someone in a train and start loving the person right there!You don't feel,like or admire anybody by just a glimpse for a day or two!You got to have something in that person to love or like him or her.Get real."

"And now Please just stop hurting me, again and again."
"Please just leave",and saying so she was all drowned into tears.

"I love you."

"You don't."

"Don't say that, Please.Don't insult my love for you.You have no idea how much I have been thinking about you since I last saw you.I have been thinking about your daily stuff.What you would be doing this hour?How you would be reacting to this thing?How you would be speaking.laughing or talking.What it would be like to be a part of your world, your real world.I know I might now sound stupid to you, but..but I wanna see my future with you , and I can very well assure you that I am the right guy, you have been looking for.
Please believe me.
I really really really Love you."

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