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Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Two States Part - 32

"Vipsa !"
"She told you all this? Now that's something that you should talk about. I am giving the cell phone to Namita".

The event of Vipsa's name surfacing in all this was quite surprising, for Namita as well as Tiya. Vipsa hadn't been a very good friend of the either of two, but her connection now with Smarth really did started both of them.

"How do you know Vipsa?", Namita hurriedly took the phone from Tiya's hands.
"No, tell me. I heard that."
"Tell me how do you know where I was or with whom I was? And how do you know

Vipsa? Now you are keeping secrets from me and I am the one to be doubted upon!"
"This is ridiculous ! "

And Namita had a long talk after this with Samarth. Actually Samarth knew Vipsa. They were neighbors some time back, long before his father got transferred from Bangalore, Samarth's home town.

"We were neighbors", he said, in a murky voice.
"And we were good friends, till....", and he stopped.

"Till, till what Samarth? Tell me, till what?", Namita was losing her calm now.

"Till I came to know that she felt more than a friend for me. I never saw her like that but she always had that extra feelings for me. Little known fact is, she is kinda very obsessive with things she likes", he said.

"Oh God. Samarth I really didn't expect this all. You have been hiding so many things from me and you only doubt me ! How could you do this to me. How could you. Why...", and she started crying.

"Namita, please don't cry. Please."

"How could you do so to me Samarth! You have really hurt me ",she said, still crying.
"Go away. I don't want to talk to you anymore", and she ended the call. She was crying more now.

Tiya tried calming her down. She had been listening to their talks.
"Namita, don't cry. Please."

"He has been cheating on me"

"No Namita. That's not the case. Don't think so. I saw both of the talking together and thought you might be knowing this fact. I saw them together on the fresher's eve and thought you might be knowing this. But ....", and before could she finish, Namita's cell phone flashed with Samarth's number.

  Samarth met Vipsa on the fresher's eve? And didn't tell Namita about all this? And Samarth and Vipsa were neighbors?, with the girl having a crush on the guy! Is this the reason she bitched about Rahul being there with Namita to Samarth? So Vipsa too likes Rahul?, or is hse trying to get Samarth this time? Phew, Too many love stories to be solved now!  But, Samarth's keeping secrets from Namita? What more secrets are they both keeping from each other now? What's gonna happen next?


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