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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another two states Part 24

Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.

"Namita...namitaaa..wake up. Your phone is ringing. Answer it.",said Tiya in a sleepy voice.It was 7am, early morning and Namita's cell phone has been ringing from past five minutes now.

"Hel..lo.., hey mom",answered Namita, in a sleepy voice.
"Oh, really? Are you sure?",she was now all awake, sitting alert on her bed in a bit tensed mood.
"Okay. You alright mom? Where's dad? Don't worry. Things will be fine. You just take care of yourself and dad. Let them do their work.",and the call ended.

It was her mothers', but what was the emergency?

Tiya had heard her speaking in tension,"Everything okay back home?",she inquired.

"Yeah..yeah. It's just some neighborhood issue. Everything is fine.",she said in a hurry, and moved out of her bed, struggling with the keypad of her cell phone, probably typing some text message.
"You don't worry. You sleep.I will just call Samarth.He's got his this interview today.I will...just wish him luck",saying so she went out of the room.

        Tiya could see her from the window. She was tensed while talking on the phone. What could be the matter? What was she hiding now? Well, her family matters was none of her business, hence she again went back to sleep.

"Yeah,...I know. I know. I told mom not to worry."
"But....I don't think I can hold this up for long now. "       
"Honestly, I am scared."
"I know..I know..I am trying my best to get you some finance. I will send you some soon.You just take care."
"I am really worried for you.Okay, I gotta get ready for college now. Bye".
And the call was ended.

Returning back to her room, she sat on her bed, thinking about something, something that occupied her mind more than anything early morning.

"God,...please help",saying so she got up from her bed and went to the washroom to get ready for college.She was ready in few minutes.She woke up Tiya and left for college.whole day she was absorbed in her own little world.She didn't speak much to anyone. Things were just going on as they would go on any usual day but Namita's participation in any of it, was missing today.

What the phone call would be about? Something wrong happened back at home? What did her mother say to her? And then the following cal that she made, whom did she call? And money? Who did she needs to send to money to? Obviously it wasn't Samarth ! Or was it?

(later in the evening)
Tring Tring.
Tring Tring.


"Hey Namita",the male voice on the other side was kinda low.

" how did it go? Did you get the job? Did you?"

"No, I didn't."

"Oh, it's okay Hon. A better job might be waiting out there for you somewhere. Just keep trying and you will get one soon."

"Yeah...I am just keeping hope that that will happen."

"Of-course that will happen. Now come-on, don't be sad. Cheer up and work for finding the next job."

"Yeah, I have got some more interviews coming up next week. And I am looking forward to some new promising projects in the North too."

"Oh really! That's great. Wish you get one here",and she giggled, just to make the environment a bit light.

"Yeah, me too."
"I love you"

"Aww..I love you too sweetheart. You are just one big strong person carrying my sweet, cute, delicate, lovely heart along with yours...",and she giggled again, at her own silly joke.

"I know, I know.",and he laughed too.

"What would have I done without you Namita!"
"You are my life, my laughter, my breath. You are just my everything my love"
"I love you"

"I love you too sweetie pie. Now can I sleep baby? I have got to wake-up early tomorrow morning. I have got this electronics class at 8 and later in the evening I am taking maths lessons from one of my classmates. And I am really tired now."

"Sure sure.Sleep well. love ya "

"Love you too.Goodnight"

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