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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Two States Part - 26

 Tring Tring.

"Hello",and Namita was awakened by the phone call, the next morning.
"Yeah, I just did as you asked me to. You might have got the ....",and she left the room.
After a while, being done with the call, she returned back.Tiya was awake too by now.

"Morning",she greeted her.

Namita smiled back and said,"Good Morning".
"It's such a lovely day".

" was, until you get to know that people are keeping secrets from you now !", and saying so, she went to have a shower.

Tiya's words left Namita all puzzled. Tiya knew what she had taunted to Namita about, but the latter didn't knew what Rahul has been keeping from her, eventually creating some misunderstandings there.

Tiya came out after few minutes and hurried towards her cupboard, simply ignoring if anybody else too lived with her. And before Namita could speak she said,"I am going early today. Got some work at the library.", and she left.

Namita had no idea, what a big problem, she was going to be dragged into! With no fault on her part. But life doesn't asks you, whether you wanna be indulged into something or not! It just drags you into things !

(Later that day )

 "Good afternoon students. Hope you people are ready to solve some more problems on differentials. Please turn to the tutorials, page 10", the maths class had started. Rahul was sitting in his usual place, last bench and Namita was, as usual, late today.
She entered the class but was take aback to see no vacant seat for her by Rahul's side. He didn't even notice her entering the class.

"He seems to be really mad at me for not showing up this weekend. God, please help me fix this. You know I didn't skip the lessons intentionally", she said in her mind while managing to settle down somewhere near Sakshi.

"Hi", she said, turning to Sakshi.
But she didn't like to take off her concentration from her maths tutorials! Hence Namita too started turning up the pages of her notebook.
The one hour seemed to be like never passing for her today. She just wanted to get up from her seat, walk to Rahul's seat and explain him everything, as to why she didn't turn up for the lessons. She was really disturbed for he had not been replying to her messages and now he didn't even care if she too existed in the class!

"Alright, now try solving this problem and then you might leave. And those who won't be able to show me the solution, must wait for fifteen minutes for the class to get over. So hurry up people. Here goes you problem", and the professor wrote some D's and X's and some other variables on the board. But Namita has some important troubles T's and problems P's going on in her life.

"I am done Sir", and Rahul's voice made all the heads turned towards him.

"Alright, bring the notebook here", the professor instructed him.

He collected his things, and before moving from his seat with his notebook in his hands, he saw Namita looking his way. Namita smiled when he looked at her but he just turned her down and gave her a cold look.
He got his question correct and was allowed to leave. Namita and other were still stuck with the problem but her's was a bit different and included some more variable's.

After a few minutes,her cell phone vibrated, saying one message received.
And she was smiling.
It was from Rahul.

It said," Sorry for ignoring you, but you came late, so just couldn't keep a seat for you today. Rest will explain when we meet next. Try not to skip this weekend's lessons.Bye".

And her problem did solve, not full but at-least a few steps were clear for her now.

So Rahul is totally into her? Another love story beginning? And Sakshi in class? What was she doing there? Since when did she start taking maths lessons! And not to forget, what's the mystery behind the mystery call? Too many secrets now! Guess it's time for some show time now !

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