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Monday, June 13, 2011

I am sorry, I lied to you !

Sorry I lied , Lied a million times to you. Hiding the pain and just , Smiling in-front of you ! You asked me, "What's wrong?", I wanted to scream, "Everything", But I lied, "All's good". You asked me, "Did anything happened today?" I lied, "No nothing" "Everything is fine" You asked me, "Are you crying?" I lied, "No, why would I cry" "I am happy" You asked me, "How was your day?" I wanted to tell you All the shit that had happened that day, But I lied, "My day was just usual, like everyday " You asked me, "What did you do the whole day?" I wanted to cry, Like I had been crying That whole day, But I lied, "I did some home stuff and studies" I know you knew something was wrong, I know you knew that I was in pain, I know you knew that I was lying, I know you might be hurt after reading this, But I had to lie. Lie beacause You were entering a new phase of your life, Phase for which you had toiled so much. I just had no right to snatch that happiness from you, To deprive you of the smiles you deserved. I didn't want to loathe you with my depression, I just couldn't be so selfish. Hence, I lied. I know you would have been there when I cried, When I was depressed. But I didn't want to sadden you by my sorrow tales. I wanted you to be happy, And believe That I was happy too. Because Seeing you happy, Somewhere made me happy too !
Hence I am confessing it today, Right here, In-front of you. That I am Sorry, Sorry, That I lied to you !

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