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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another two states Part 25

And after the call ended, she took out the red diary from under her clothes from her closet. She had been hiding it there. She opened the diary, wrote down something in it, and started reading some pages, written earlier.She continued reading until Tiya entered.


Namita wasn't ready for this sudden invasion of hers in her gloomy mood.She was sitting on her bed,with the diary on the pillow,with pillow placed in her lap. She quickly managed to hide the diary under the pillow and acted as if she was just sitting and thinking about something.

Tiya didn't notice her stealth activity of hiding something.
"So you again back to the sad sad girly mood today.Huh?"
"Come-on Namita. Accept things the way they are. You can't do anything by just getting tensed for things , which are not under your control. But you surely can increase a wrinkle or get some dark circles under your eyes by doing....",and before Tiya could start with her usual self, Namita interrupted,"Okay Mademoiselle, I get it. I will sleep with leaving all the tensions for some other day.Happy?",saying so she straightened her body on her bed, ready to go to sleep.

"Yeah, very happy.",and Tiya went into the washroom, to prepare herself for sleep. Namita quickly took the diary from under the pillow and placed it safely in her closet again, and went back to sleep.
Now she can sleep with peace, at-least for the night.

The next day was as bright as it could be. But Namita started the day with a tensed expression on her face. She didn't seem to be very blessed with a new day. Something was going on inside her mind which she had even kept as a secret from Tiya and Samarth. What it could be !

(later that evening)

It was Saturday evening, and Namita was supposed to meet Rahul.He was on time, waiting there in the library for her to show up. They had fixed to meet up at 5 in the fiction section. It was 6 now but.

"Hey Rahul",a female voice made him turn his head towards him.

"Hey..",his voice was low. He wished it to be Namita's but, it was Tiya's.

"What happened? You look so lost! You okay?".

"Yeah, yeah. I am absolutely fine. It's just these problems that are messing up with my mind."
"I will get through them anyway."

"Okay, but you do look a bit lost. Anyways, mind if I sit?",she asked pointing out to the empty chair, right in-front of him.

It was meant for Namita, but as she hadn't showed up yet, he thought having her company wasn't a bad idea after all.

"Yeah, sure sure.It's just vacant, as you can see."

She sat down with her books.
Actually, she wasn't really studying. She just wanted to sit with him. He had always appeared to her as the guy, whom she would love to be with. And here she was, grabbing all the opportunities she can. They both sat there for sometime. Chatted a bit about college stuff and the upcoming sports meet in their college. Tiya and Rahul, both were gonna be a part of the college's basketball team. And so she at-least had some topic common between them, to talk on as he didn't seem quiet interested in talking to her.

He kept looking at his cell phone.Tiya had been noticing this aberrant behavior of his, but didn't say a word of complain."Who was she to complain, after all", she thought in her mind.

After a silence of few minutes, he finally spoke."I guess I should be leaving now. It's 8'o clock and I must go for dinner. My friends must be waiting."

"Oh, yeah. I will leave too".

"I had to meet this good friend of mine, here today, but guess something more important showed up and the meeting didn't happen",he said collecting his books from the table.

"Okay, happens", Tiya was a bit disturbed to know that he lied to her in the first. What wrong would have happened if he would have told her that in the first place? Why didn't he share his feelings with her? She had known him for sometime, not too much but at-least he could have shared his problem with her. But alright, the girl must keep her calm to pursue a guy's mind.

He left but Tiya was still sitting there. She was waiting for Namita to show up. Namita had promised to show up at the library, to both of them, at different times, but the two of them(Tiya & Rahul) didn't know, that meeting a common person, made them actually meet! 

After some twenty minutes, Namita showed up.

"Hey, Tiya. I am so sorry, I am late. Let's go for dinner. Come",she said looking around, searching for someone.

"You looking for somebody?", Tiya asked, looking at her from her chair.

"Me...Yeah. I had asked Rahul to tutor me maths today. But I just couldn't show up. I had this bank work that engaged me for hours. I text-ed him that I would be late, but he still insisted on waiting, if only I would end up at bank soon. But I couldn't."
"So, was just looking, if I could find him and apologize directly".
"But it seems like he already left."
"God, I am so late",and Namita looked at her wrist watch.

"Yeah....He..just left."
"I....I just saw him leaving.", Tiya was now really disturbed.
So it was Namita, the good friend that he was meeting up here. But why didn't he tell her? He knew, she was room-mate with Namita, from the freshers party he had known this fact. But did he lied to her? Meeting Namita is something to be kept a secret? Namita double timing with Samarth? Or is it that Rahul felt differently for Namita? Or was it that Rahul didn't want to upset her, telling her that he was meeting another girl, but eventually she showed up.With mixed thoughts, they both left.
Namita seemed to be quiet relieved, but the same wasn't the case with Tiya! Not after knowing the connection between all the today's events !

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