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Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Two States Part - 27

"Good morning"

"Good..morning. You up early today. What's..the time ? "

"It's seven sweetheart. Wake up..wake up."

"Yeah baby, I am up"
"So what made you make the call today?",she asked, blushing a bit, still lying half up on bed.

"Nothing. Just wanted to bless your day",and he laughed .
"So wake up and go to class. I am about to reach my interview cell for today".

"Oh, yeah. I am so sorry. I just totally forgot."
"All the very best hon"

"Thanks dear. I really need this job."

"Don't worry you will."

"Hm...alright now just wake up and go to class".

And she giggled,"I don't have a class today. Got some assignments and then later in the evening I am taking these maths lessons from my friend, Rahul."

"Maths lessons? Since when have you been needing a tutor?"
"Who is he?"
"Have I met him? Or does he knows about me?"

"Chill...chill baby. You need not worry. I am simply taking lessons for some two hours, nothing else. We both only share our maths class together in our college course."
"Now. just don't spoil your mood and don't worry. I will call you later in the evening. Okay?"
"Just concentrate on your interview"
"Do well"

"Hmm...Okay. I will be in touch via messages."
"Hope I will get replies"

"Arre.yeah sure you will. Why won't you! Now stop being dramatic and allow me to get ready.I want to sleep more as later I have to go to the bank for that work you know.So.."

"Okay, okay. That work hasn't been done yet?"

"No, it's almost done, it's just that they are suspecting me so I had to fake some details. I will tell you the details later."
"Now go..bye"

"Alright, alright. Bye. Love you"

"Love you too. Bbye"

     Samarth had ended the call but he was a bit worried now. Why does she needs maths lessons now? And who is Rahul? How come I have never heard about this guy before?
"I need to keep my faith and trust in her. I know she won't do anything that would hurt me. But this distance between us hurts me a lot. Why the hell my life is like this?", and thinking so he just messaged her something.

    Namita was still in bed, trying to get some sleep, when this message popped up.

"I love You."

She replied,"I love you too :) "
The next minute, another message.
"No, I love you more"

She replied again.
"No, I love you more. And shouldn't you be focusing on your interview right now?"

Another message.
"I know, I have an interview. My name's gonna be called after some couple of hours."
And her reply was,"Okay, okay."

And another message. He seemed really impatient today.
"Why you need maths lessons? Who is this Rahul?"

        Namita knew this was gonna surface up. But she didn't wanna upset Samarth's interview. But his impatient instant replies and questions worried her. But she was a clever girl, clever enough as to how to handle situations like these. She knew how to calm down her guy and take him into trust. She just knew everything!
Hence she replied.

"Samarth, I knew it from the first message of yours, that you are troubled with me taking lessons from this guy, Rahul. But you don't have to worry about it at all. I am not seeing him or anybody. I already have a baby whose name is Samarth and right know the only thing that my baby should be doing is , to focus on his interview. I will tell you all you wanna know about anything later, when you are done with your interview session".

    The message was quiet honest.
But when it comes to trusting his girl, Samarth was no different from any other guy. He believed what she had said but in some part of his heart, he heard the voice,"Is long distance relationship going turn out a nightmare for him?".
But he tried curbing that evil voice and replied back to her.
"Okay. Cya :) ".


maithili said...

long distance and the many insecurities! waiting for the bank secret and the diary details !

Smita said...

keep reading.
secrets will open up soon :)

Smita said...

keep reading.
secrets will open up soon :)

maithili said...

long distance and the many insecurities! waiting for the bank secret and the diary details !


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