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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Another Two States Part - 17

"Alright.So this was your not so romantic beginning of your love story."
"Amazing.But all that I could make out from it is, you two are so different yet so compatible.By listening to this whole fight nobody can ever believe that you both make such a lovely couple today.You both really do !"

"Thanks Tiya", said Samarth,"but all the credit goes to the lovely lady in red here.If she wouldn't have been so understanding and caring then this damn fool sitting right here would have been regretting losing such a wonderful girl in life,I swear.I really love the way she handles things and life matters and on top of it,Me!", and he laughed.

"Yeah, you.who is a weird-some guy, whom I am so terribly in love with,",said Namita.

And the three of them laughed, together, until Namita's cell phone was ringing.

"Hello.Oh yeah, I will be there in two minutes.",and she ended the call.
Picking up her things she said,"Come-on guys, We have left our fresher's party in the middle ,Remember? It was Rahul on the phone.He needs to return back this dress that I am still wearing and narrating my love story," and her laughter burs-ted out.

And in few minutes they were back in the auditorium.The hall was banging hard with the DJ's music.Everybody was busy showing how perfect they were with the music, words were hard to make out but the loud beats is all that's required to dance!Everybody was just lost in their own world.Dancing out their weirdest steps,Giggling at others,students enjoying the company of their friends and seniors.All were just so absorbed in the music.The whole place was simply looking like a music night.

"Hey,look there he is.I will just come in a minute.Lemme hand over this dress back to the people", said Namita turning to Samarth.

"Okay, sweets.I will wait here.Come soon".

"Yeah, sure.Hey Tiya, would you....take care of him not being lost in this crowd while I just go over and change?Please, just a few minutes."

"Yeah why not Namita.",said Tiya.
"You go ,meanwhile I will ask for some more lovely scoldings of yours from him", and she winked with a smile on her face to Namita.

"Sure, please go ahead.I will just come",and she left,leaving Samarth and Tiya alone.

"She is adorable,isn't she?",asked Samarth.

"Yes, she is,without a doubt.The most simple and alluring girl with all the kindness filled",and saying so Tiya smiled .She could clearly see how love struck he was.It was clear he had clear things and feeling for her deep inside him.

"I just can't stop thinking about her and my future with her.Just want her by my side all the time, as soon as possible."

"Yeah.You people sound too different from the couples I have seen.As in , nobody thinks the way you both think.You have planned your future together,haven't you?",asked Tiya.

"Yes,we have.But then you know, we being from the opposite parts of the same country, is a big issue that we still have to deal with.,but then I know how adamant and cruel like a dictator she can be if she decides for something.And to be honest ,I love her dictatorship at times",and they both laughed.

"I understand.Tackling that won't be easy but I can foretell, from what I have seen till now, between you both, that you both understand each other very well and God will surely help you out from this .However I don't believe much in God but I do believe that something powerful,something mysterious something more magical than all of us exists up there. among the clouds, in the sky somewhere.And that power helps the people who have no cleverness included or imprinted in their hearts and ideas.....",and before she could say another word,Namita was back.

"Okay, okay.So Tiya is being philosophical now, huh!",and she giggled.

"No...", and all of them bursted into laughter, and Tiya continued,"I was just saying, that you both really make a nice couple.God Bless you both.".

"Aww..Thanks so much Tiya.I know we look good together",and Namita looked into the eyes of Samarth,smiling and blushing.

"Come-on ,let's go and dance.We are missing all the fun !".

"But I have to go Namita",said Samarth.

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