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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another Two States Part - 18

"But I have to go Namita",said Samarth.


"Yeah,It's almost 11 and I should go.I have a return flight for Bangalore at 1.I just came to see you.To see how you are doing.To see how you would react to this surprise.I know ,my heart loves being surprised !Isn't it !",and saying so he swiftly moved her hair behind her ear.

"Hmm..okay.But ,I wish I had some more time with you.",she said with a gloomy look on her face.

"Me too, shona.But then work has to be done and I need to connect up all the rough ends of my life as well as yours."
"I need to go.Say bye to be with a smile.Give me a happy moment to remember ,till the time I see you next."

And Namita smiled.She hugged him and he left.She was watching her figure disappearing into the dark.Her better half was leaving.Now again she will be left alone, all alone in her not so happy world.

"Comeon Namita.Let's go on the dance floor now",Tiya almost pulled her by her arm towards the dance floor.

"No,I am quiet tired and feel like going back to the hostel.You enjoy the evening.I will see you later.Give me the keys to the room."

"Okay, as you wish.You do look tired so won't push you staying here.Here, take the keys",and she handed Namita the keys,"Cya",and she thinned into the crowd of the dancing students.

After a few minutes, she was back in her room.She was damn tired and hence after changing into something comfortable she went straight away to her bed, with a smile.And why not, she had loads of dream ideas for today, as she had met her man after such a long time.

And in a few minutes, she was lying on her bed, thinking about all the happenings of the evening.

Then a red diary caught her eye.
"Oh God, what is it doing outside?Thank God,Tiya isn't nearby!", she said to herself in her mind.
And then she read some few pages of it and then wrote something in it.
After thinking a while, after writing in the diary, she looked at the Little prayer place she had made in her room, filled with some two three Hindu god and goddesses statues,"God,Please forgive me for this sinful act of mine."

And the red diary has made her entry ! What's mysterious written in that now? We all have a very special secret, something that we hide from everyone.Some hide about their past,some hide their relationships and some hide what all nonsense they had done.But now that the fact that Namita holds a boyfriend, who even being from a totally different tradition is very serious about her, is known to everybody what else could she be hiding in this red diary now?
What it could be?

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