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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another Two States Part - 30

He came down in no time. She was sitting there, crying and crying. Tears were dropping like rain drops  in the monsoon season.

"Namita, Oh my God. Please stop crying.", he tried consoling her anguish. He sat besides her.
But nothing just could stop her tears now. She was hurt. Her heart was hurt by none other than her lover. So what could pacify her right now ! But Rahul was trying his best.

"Namita, is everything okay back at home? Please stop crying", he wanted to wipe those tears, rolling down her cheek but he just couldn't gather the courage to move his hand to do so.

She continued crying. Trying to hide her face in her palms. The crying was increasing ever second. Tears were just coming out, more and more.

"Namita, Please stop crying. Tell me what's wrong. Don't cry please.", he tried consoling again, but all in vain.

She was looking strikingly beautiful.  
Her eyes, wet with tears intoxicated Rahul more in her love.
Although he should be trying a way to make her stop crying, but he just couldn't help noticing how beautiful her every facial feature was.
How beautiful  the girl sitting next to him was !

He tried again,"Namita, please ...stop crying..", but before he could finish, he heard his name in the far distant.

"Hey..Rahul...", and the voice became more clear.It was Sakshi, coming closer and closer.
"Prof. Sharma..aa..aa..", and she saw Namita crying.
"Oh, I guess I came at the wrong time", she felt a bit awkward to be present at that scene there.
"Prof. Sharma was looking for you.Okay Bye",and she left.

Rahul looked for a second to what Sakshi had to say to her and then again he tried calming down Namita.

"Please tell me Namita, what's wrong with you. Why are you crying. Don't worry, Everything will be alright. I am here with you. Please don't cry."

Namita tried hiding from him but eventually she broke down.
"He doubts me."

"He, who he? And he doubts you? What the hell ! Who doubts you, and who is this he that you are so concerned with?",he thought in his mind.

He wanted to ask all these questions to her, whom are you talking about Namita, who is he, your boy-friend, you have a boyfriend who's so pathetic that he doubts you, but he just said, judging these words to be the best in the current situation,"You first stop crying Namita. Then tell me everything in detail. First stop crying", and he gathered courage, to move his hand up. And before his hand could wipe one of her tears, on her cheek, Tiya shouted," Hey Namita, Hey Rahul", and Rahul took back his approaching hand, towards Namita's face.

He turned to see Tiya standing behind them. She had been watching all this for sometime now.
She came quickly in the front.

"Oh my God. Namita, you are crying. But why. Rahul what did you do? Namita stop . Please stop crying.", and she sat on the other side. On one side her best friend was crying and on the other side, the person she loved was trying to wipe her tears. She was watching all this for sometime, standing behind them both, watching her love going towards her friend, and she could do nothing about it.

"I didn't do anything. It was just some call that she answered and has been crying since then", he felt like a culprit,caught by Tiya.

"Oh God. Okay, I get it. I'll take care of her now", she said in a thankful gesture to him and sat down besides Namita, with her head on her shoulder now. Namita was still crying.

"Okay....I.. guess... I should be leaving then. Take care of her. Call me if you need me. I will be around in the campus only", he said to Tiya and got up to leave.

Namita didn't care as to see as to who was coming or leaving. She was just too much absorbed in her tears but somebody there wanted Rahul to leave her life as early as possible and that somebody was Tiya. She could clearly see, how concerned he was for Namita. And what more painful can be, than to watch your love falling for your friend.

And there Tiya was, one side she had to support Namita and at the same time was fighting with her mixed emotions. She was jealous of Namita for the first time today. She felt like leaving her there on her own, but she just couldn't move.

"Come let's go to our room. It's getting dark now", and they both got up from their places and started walking towards their hostel building.


so?hi!kneee. said...

thanx for dropping by.this was a great read :)

Smita said...

your welcome :)

so?hi!kneee. said...

thanx for dropping by.this was a great read :)


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